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Dem Hunger


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"I could say, ‘play softly,’ or ‘play at the very edge like you’re just about to ruin the whole piece.’ So I decided that in my role as composer I really had to switch over to be the performer as well because I was the only one that really understood what should be done. By default, I became a keyboard player not out of any great desire to express myself but out of the desire to protect my ideas." 

Harold Budd

"At the time of this work, the phenomenon of high-fidelity stereo was making a big splash. Bose and KLH had just introduced high-quality suspension loudspeakers for the home. Loudspeakers were a critical element in the success of any work of electronic music. Lucier recalled, ‘When you think about the violin makers in Italy in the early eighteenth centuryAmati and Stardivariall the composers made pieces for those violins. We were making pieces for loudspeakers.’”